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The basic needs in life are the top priorities that need to be given the highest preference in our earnings. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the home we live in and added to these basic needs are the things that we procure that can give us a secured existence like education, insurance and high tech things. Once the basics are meet and secured, we also budget our resources in making these things last and reach their full use potential. One of the securities we desire is the preservation of our home and all the things we have accumulated to ensure our homes is a place of comfort and convenience. One of the securing moves to achieve this end is paying a premium for a home insurance. We have witnessed many instances of families losing their homes which they built following their dreams of a comfortable and peaceful home life. The devastation and great loss is  not containable especially if the home was built from years of hard work and savings. What is most painful is losing all the valuable things you have accumulated into that home and most of all, the memories that have been stored and experienced inside the lost home.Securing investment is not simple because it has monetary involvement. But losing investments is much more difficult because you lose a great part of your life and of what you have acquired so far.


A home insurance adds to the beauty and comfort of a home. It helps the family to appreciate and value their homes because they know it is for keeps. What is a home insurance? It is a type of property insurance that protects and covers a private home where the policy holder resides within the policy territory. It can include coverage for valuables contained inside the home including outside the home but within the property territory. It also includes liability insurance for accidents that may happen within the homeowner’s property. It is a binding contract between the policy owner and the insurance company for a specified period of time where the policy owner pays the specified payment or premium which is paid at the capability of the owner on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annual basis.

Usually home insurances coverage comes in two parts, the building and the contents insurance. For building insurance, protection is from fire and weather damage and for the contents insurance, it protects the valuables inside the home from theft, loss and damage. Two policies combined into one are better and cheaper than getting two separate policies. Now that you understand the benefits, no doubt, you want to secure your home and property. There are some considerations to think about before signing up for your policy. They are as follows:
• The family budget – insurance premiums can compete with other needs of the family. So if your family budget can accommodate a premium for the security of the home, do so as soon as possible. But if the budget is tight, try reviewing your budget if there are necessities of lesser importance, they can take a backseat.
• The dependable insurance company – chooses an insurance company that has a good record of indemnity payments, affordable, practical and stable.
• The coverage and the price – choose a comprehensive insurance with the most coverage and with a price that is friendly.
• Clarify insurance coverage with your bank if your property is mortgaged – it is a requirement in mortgaging a home that the home owner has insurance for the home, so inquired about the premium and the manner of payment.


The present day has alarming cases of burglary, property theft and malicious mischief activities; a home insurance can give us an unworried and peaceful family life. We are assured that what we have invested is secured and safe as long as we have maintained an up to date premium payments. Incidents of fire and in cases of damages caused by fire, we are assured that we can restore the losses readily without re-investing money and efforts to rebuild them. Many had been saved from the enormous heart-breaking consequences of property loss because they have secured their homes and everything in it. The rebuilding of a home after a fire is much more painful and tiresome than paying for the regular premium. The labor is much more made difficult because of the losses that are not accounted in terms of money but life itself in case tragedy strikes due to the razing fire. If you have not acquired a policy, now is the time to have one because nobody knows when calamity attacks. It is always better to be secured than sorry. It is better to secure than to rebuild because rebuilding takes more time, money and efforts.

Safeguard Your Investment through a Home Insurance