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I was a witness to a horrible car accident. The car driver was drunk and he bumped into another car. The accident caused an enormous damage not only to property but life. Two people were left dead, and the victims’ car was totally ruined. The car owner after the incident was left bankrupt because of the damages and indemnity he has to pay aside from the expenses they have incurred on the litigation process. This kind of situation could have been made simpler, and the indemnification much affordable had the car owner secured an auto insurance to protect him, the car, lives of others and the property of other people.
So in this situation, how can auto insurance help? First, we must define what auto insurance is and how the insurance company can help the victims of unfortunate situation like mentioned above. Auto insurance is a policy purchased by vehicle owners to pay the costs associated with getting into an auto accident. The insurance company pays for the damages. All you have to do is to pay the premiums from your pockets and leave the damages to be paid go out from the coffers of the insurance company. The premium, vary as with any other insurance, regarding age, gender, length of driving experience, driver’s violations and many other factors.
Before saying yes to an insurance agent, and after you have settled your obligation to the car dealer, you have to take into consideration the following:
• Don’t walk into the process not knowing that to do. You have to know what questions to ask when you’re looking around, because not every agent you speak with will give you complete info on their coverage and all of your options. The good ones will do that, but the not-so-good agents will only explain the basic selling points. It’s up to you to ask a wide range of questions so you can truly compare plans.
• Ask about the coverage for repairs in case your car has experience collision. How much will you shoulder and how much should be paid by the insurance company.
• Consider a comprehensive insurance because it pays for damages from non-crash incidents such as fire, theft, natural causes and vandalism.
• Car repairs shouldered by the insurance company limit.
• Amount of medical expenses covered by the insurance in case of hospitalization of victims, and the amount to be paid for what he lost as a result like lost wages or jobs.
• The amount of risks of the vehicle owner should be determined beforehand with factors like location, age, sex, crime records and others.


The most important consideration is how much will the insurance company refund for expenses incurred by the vehicle owner, the victims and the driver himself including the car. By determining the amount for indemnity and the premiums to be paid, you must decide and secure auto insurance right away. It is not just a simple situation when you meet an accident because you have to face different claims and litigation. This is the set back of driving and owning a vehicle. Before driving your car in the streets, you have to settle once and for all the insurance because you do not know what will happen once your vehicle is already out in the highways.

This is also one way of securing the life of your passengers especially if they are your family. It is tragic to experience life loss because you deprive a person his life or you yourself loses your own life or a loved one’s life. The insurance coverage can catch you up to face the consequences of your own recklessness or the result of your own misfortune. Basically, the primary benefit of auto insurance is his financial peace of mind because you know there is someone out there who will support you in time of accidents.
Here are added benefits of auto insurance:
• With car insurance, drivers can also more easily maintain their vehicles for durability and resale value
• Lifetime repair guarantee, you are assured that whatever happens to the car, you will not worry where to get your payment for the car repair.
• Assistance on the Road – in times when the vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road, someone will help you, like if you are towed and experience road problems, you can always call for assistance.


After you have weighed down the benefits and coverage of the auto insurance, process the payment for the policy before venturing into the streets. Drive safely and peacefully with a comprehensive and collision coverage because you know there is an insurance company at your back to catch you in case you fall. Check out the internet for the best insurance companies.

Things to Consider before Saying Yes to an Auto Insurance